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If you are looking for a licensed nutritionist to help you manage your weight and ensure a healthy diet, get in touch with Kara Burnstine of Nutrition Your Weigh! Clients in and around Miami Beach, FL commend Kara for her outstanding nutrition counseling services. She makes sure to provide competent, individualized support while motivating clients in a friendly and compassionate manner. Read through this page, and learn how a licensed nutritionist and dietitian like Kara can change your life for the better.

What Clients Say About Our Dietitian

“Kara was amazing! Our daughter is a vegetarian and we needed help making sure that she was getting the right amount of nutrients, protein, etc. We knew we needed guidance but had no idea where to start. That’s where Kara was instrumental. She introduced us to delicious new foods, tasty recipes and easy cooking techniques. She made the process fun and far less daunting than we expected. She was warm, friendly and knowledgeable. We learned so much and feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

– JJ, South Florida

“Kara provided extremely actionable information to me that showed how tuned in she was to my nutritional and dietary needs. Kara communicates in such an engaging manner that I looked forward to each session with her. She is such a great counselor and read my needs very effectively. I also felt as if I gained a new friend!”

– RW, South Florida

“Kara is an engaging and knowledgeable presenter and professional. Her session was a perfect combination of nutrition, science, weight management, food facts and tips for everyday living. Our employees really appreciated all the information and hope we make the investment soon to bring her back for more sessions. Kara taught us how to make a healthy delicious dessert at the end of our session, a great ending to a fantastic learning moment. I cannot wait to bring Kara back and would highly recommend her as an expert in her field.”

– Elizabeth Romero, Perez Art Museum Miami

“I had the pleasure to work with Kara. She is a most knowledgeable, kind, understanding, professional. She is just great!”

– Joseph Gutman, MD, Fort Lauderdale

“I was fortunate enough to work with Kara for over a year after I became a prediabetic. She was fantastic for so many reasons; some of which include her commonsense approach to nutrition by having me incorporate changes slowly and using tools that helped me with each and every meal. Kara never made me feel like I was on a “diet” or that I needed to deprive myself, but instead was successful in making me feel better than I had in years.”

– Betty Berko, Miami Beach

“My starting weight on 7/24 2013 was 221 when I started the program. I was down to 198 lbs by week 10 and then down to 178 by week 19, a loss of 43 pounds. With Kara’s help and advice, I kept losing weight by the small changes she advised me to do week by week. All these small changes lead to a big change in my life – no more high blood pressure, no more cholesterol medicine, and no more type 2 Diabetes. It was something that I was never able to do on my own before, and I cannot thank her enough for the great change in my life.”

– Gigi Fiorelli, Fort Lauderdale

“I have known Kara Burnstine for several years. First as an educator for Astra Zeneca and the as a pump educator for Animas. She has always been very professional. Her fund of knowledge regarding diabetes and its pathophysiology and treatment is excellent. She has excellent rapport with patients. I am confident she will serve the community well as dietician and diabetes educator.”

– Michael Mellman, MD, Boynton Beach

Make Kara Burnstine Your Dietitian

With her positive and highly effective motivational approach, Kara truly is the licensed nutritionist to rely on for top-notch nutrition counseling. Seek her expertise today, and be a step closer to attaining your health goals! Call today for more details.