21 Days of Clean Eating

Want to start eating clean, but you don’t know where to begin? THE SEARCH IS OVER! Wondering if this program is for you? If you answer yes to any of these statements, the answer is YES!

  • You sometimes or often feel bloated, gassy or distended after eating and you want to be rid of that feeling.
  • You want to learn how to cook clean and healthy meals with a lot of confidence, limited ingredients and in 30 minutes or less.
  • You want to shed pounds without starving yourself.
  • You’ve ever wondered if you had an allergy or sensitivity to gluten, sugar or dairy.
  • You want accountability and to know the plan is a dietitian-approved plan that is safe and effective.
  • You feel like sugar gets ahold of you and you are ready create a strategy around how to eat it.
  • You battle with cravings and want to overcome them.
  • You feel fatigued all the time even though you get a good amount of sleep.

Clean eating is a great way to cleanse the system and find the root causes of all these issues!

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What’s Included in the Program

  • Weekly meal plan including food shopping list, recipes and modifications if needed
  • A complete electronic guidebook and protocols to follow for the program

  • Weekly live and recorded webinars to answer questions about the program, demonstrate easy recipes from the ebook, and get support and motivation along the way
  • Access to a private Facebook group to share ideas, support your fellow 21-dayers, ask questions and share your own clean eating recipes and strategies

  • Ideas and modifications for those no cooking days when no recipe is required

After 21 Days of Clean Eating, You will Feel…

JOYOUS… that you feel more energetic and ready to tackle anything
CONFIDENT… in your food choices and knowing what works well for your body
FIRED UP… about preparing your own meals and planning ahead for success
FREE… from the cravings that sabotage your efforts

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Rave Reviews

NO MORE Deprivation!

As soon as I heard that Kara was doing 21 Day Nutritional Group Cleanse, I decided to join.

I’d had a challenging couple of years, eating became a comfort, and I gained a lot of weight. Kara is knowledgeable, very reasonable, and in line with my desire to eat consistently well for my health (but not feel deprived!!!). I was already a healthy eater, but I had a hard time keeping the foods that inflame and make me gain weight, out of my life. The junk.

When I finally did the 21 Day Clean Eating Cleanse, I broke through a wall, & lost 4-5lbs the 1st week, leaving me energetic and motivated to continue. During our weekly meet ups, Kara taught us more about Clean eating, and she was ALWAYS available for support and questions, throughout the 21 days.

It’s been 4 months since I did the cleanse, and sticking to it 100% until I reached my goal, I lost 15 lbs.

Today, I continue to live this way of life; I crave real food now instead of junk. I never feel deprived b/c I’ve learned to satisfy my sweet tooth with easy tips & snacks I’ve learned from Kara.

Natalie Z, Miami, FL

Permanent Healthy Habits Created

The 21 Day Cleanse really changed my life in so many ways. First of all, I learned many healthy habits that I incorporated into my daily routine. I learned how to stock a healthy pantry and cook delicious healthy recipes. I had so much energy and felt great!! I even lost weight! This program motivated me to continue my weight loss to reach my goal weight!! Kara is an amazing nutritionist and she is so knowledgeable in her field. She’s a true role model on how to live a healthy life!!

Tiffany L, Miami Beach, FL

Better Focus

I was surprised about the changes I noticed from the 21 days of clean eating. Better focused, deeper sleep and more energy are just some of the changes that were evident. Nutrition Your Weigh, Inc. provided great tools to make the challenge easier to follow. The guidebook is now a permanent fixture in my kitchen. The biggest surprise of all is that it motivated my 14-year-old son to start following a more clean eating diet.

Melisse B, Miami Beach, FL